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Learning To Do Fun Family Things

After our kids started to get a little bit older, I realized that we weren't spending that much time together as a family. Instead of spending extra time at work so that we had more money, we decided to put other things aside and learn to do things as a family. We started doing things like going to parks, visiting exhibits together, and teaching our kids how to do things outside. It was really enjoyable, and within a few short months, we could tell that our efforts were making a difference. This blog is all about learning how to do fun things as a family.


Learning To Do Fun Family Things

3 Tips To Choose A Homecoming Dress That You Can Wear Again

Ethel Howell

Many people lament the fact that they have spent hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of dollars on their homecoming dresses, which they fear that they will never be able to wear again. Even though it certainly makes sense that you would want to purchase a nice dress for your big dance, but you may want to choose a style that you can wear again. Luckily, following these three tips can make this easy.

1. Choose a Neutral Color

Even though some of the bright colors that you might have seen might look nice, choosing a neutral-colored homecoming dress is a smart move if you want to wear the dress again. One smart choice is a black dress since you can always wear a "little black dress" to a cocktail party or other event in the future, even after you graduate. If you don't want to go with black, consider navy blue or another neutral color that might fit in well for a host of different events.

2. Skip the Crazy Detailing

Sure, there might be a lot of nice homecoming dresses out there that feature lace or other accents, these accents can make your dress look like a homecoming or prom dress rather than a regular formal dress. One option is to choose a dress in a flattering cut but with a slightly simpler style. Then, you can dress up your outfit with statement jewelry and bold shoes, but you won't have to worry about being stuck with the detailing later when it might not seem appropriate for the occasion. As an added bonus, a more simple dress can also be more affordable, so it's a good way to shave down costs on an event that can be surprisingly expensive.

3. Choose a Short Dress

Shorter homecoming and prom dresses are becoming increasingly popular for a reason. Not only can they be more comfortable, but they can be slightly less formal while still being dressy enough to wear to a big dance. Plus, choosing a cocktail-length dress rather than a long, formal gown can make it easier for you to wear the dress to future occasions.

As you can see, it's entirely possible to purchase a homecoming dress that you will want to wear again. To make a great investment in a great dress that will make you look and feel good for both your upcoming event and many occasions in the future, consider these three tips when dress shopping. If you'd like more information, places like Bridal Elegance may be able to help.